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Live, attenuated, double-deleted Listeria monocytogenes (LADD): For more than 50 years, immunologists have used Listeria as a research tool to study the mammalian immune system, and now Aduro is engineering Listeria to treat cancer.  The platform has shown to be well tolerated in multiple clinical trials.
Listeria has multiple advantages as an immunotherapy platform:
  1. Listeria signals to the innate immune system through multiple pathways, activating cell surface Toll-like receptors and intracellular Nod-like receptors.
  2. It directly targets dendritic cells, one of the most important types of cells in initiating an immune response.
  3. After being taken up by dendritic cells, Listeria delivers the disease antigen(s) into the cytosol where they are processed by the host cellular machinery and presented to the immune system.
  4. Unlike other vectors that can be neutralized by antibodies, Listeria can be repeatedly administered.
  5. Listeria is exceptional at boosting the efficacy of other vaccines/treatments.
  6. Listeria is easy to manufacture.

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